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Scrap My Junk Cars is one of the best Junk Car Removal Company in Toronto and GTA for more than one reason firstly because we are honest with our customers. When vehicle owners call us, they are 100% confident that they will receive a fair price on their unwanted car. We also offer free junk car removals. So, we take pride in having these two advantages that give us an edge over other scrap car removal companies. Our transparency has earned us our reputation in Toronto and GTA as a trusted car removal company.
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What We Do

At Scrap My Junk Cars, we offer car removal services on any type of vehicle or car:
Scrap Cars, Junk Cars, Unwanted Cars, Wrecked Cars, Damaged Cars, Used Cars, Accident Cars, Salvage Cars,
We will pay you CASH on the spot regardless of the vehicle condition or make, always CASH ON THE SPOT!


Scrap My Junk Cars is a cash for cars removal company, which means that we will instantly pay you cash on the spot for your junk vehicle. You might think that it seems so good to be true, and there might be any hidden costs in the process, but we want to assure you that there is absolutely no cost involved at all. At Scrap My Junk Cars, you only need to tell us that you want an appraisal to get a quick cash offer for your vehicle. Whether it is a used vehicle, scrap vehicle, accident vehicle, unwanted vehicle, damaged vehicle, abandoned vehicle, wrecked vehicle, junk vehicle, salvaged vehicle. You need to tell us the car make, model, year and condition and also the odometer reading, with this information you will instantly get your appraisal and your cash offer with no questions asked.
You might wonder what will be the next step after that? Actually, nothing at all, because if you take our offer, then you only need your photo ID and a proof of ownership, then you just let us know when and where you want us to come to provide you with the FREE Scrap Car Removal.

Cash for Trucks, Vans, 4x4s, SUVs, and More!

We, at Scrap My Junk Cars, offer cash for vans, cash for SUVs, cash for 4x4s, and more! Whatever condition of your vehicle, foreign or domestic, automatic transmission or manual, running or not, WE WILL BUY IT AND PAY CASH.

Scrap Car Removal Service in Peel by Scrap My Junk Cars Company
Scrap Car Removal Durham by Scrap My Junk Cars Company

Car Disposals

Scrap My Junk Cars also offers free car disposal services. We are professional auto wreckers who operate state of the art scrap yards, hiring the most experienced auto wreckers who practice green automobiles recycling. We drain the fluids, remove all the parts from the vehicle to recycle and then form the metal into the new metal to reuse. Your old scrap vehicle removal will be transformed into new parts and new steel for a new use, and we will pay you instant cash for it.
That’s an excellent deal for free car removal and disposal.
Just call us today for a FREE Junk car removal, scrap car removal, salvaged car removal, wrecked car removal, damaged car removal, unwanted car removal, accident car removal, or any other condition vehicle for a FREE removal.